• As a compulsory inclusion for post op recovery, offering a level of assistance in post op recovery. Most vets are adding a minimum charge per surgery, bringing profit into surgery. TTO and other surgery benefits include greatly reduced recovery time and can also be used as an add on recovery tool post surgery for their pets.

  • Accident management tool, relax animal under stress, reduce bruising/inflammation quickly, increased assimilation of meds, alternative to cold therapy.

  • As a pre-med relaxant to assist gentle transition for surgery, assisting assimilation of pre-med into animals system to effect more quickly.

  • As a tool to speed recovery from anaesthetic, creating faster transition of drugs through system.

  • Incorporating physical therapy into the surgery avoids income being sent to referred clinics.

  • Behavioural training – relaxes nervous system.
    Therapy tool. Physical Therapy can help to manage pain, with programs designed to help the animals with conditions required to improve and maintain their musculoskeletal function. Early physical therapy intervention for animals following orthopaedic (joint) or neurological (spinal) surgery is being carried, to enhance recovery following surgery.

  • Requires only nurse consult / or after surgery patient is able to be left unattended.

  • Geriatric dogs can use a drug free option for arthritis management programs.

About Accell

The Accell Therapy devices are one of the safest forms of physical therapy available. Utilising CVT, a three dimensional vibration therapy, Accell is clinically proven to work in four main areas…

  1. Increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.

  2. Relaxing muscle and increasing nerve muscle.

  3. Increasing joint mobility, wound healing.

  4. Relieve musculo-skeletal pain.

All these benefits are provided through an incredible 4ft of bone and 2ft of tissue to cellular level. Further, the benefits will continue to increase for up to 8 hours after the therapy session has finished, providing a basis to build on therapy benefits every day.

Accell devices have been developed in Australia and the UK from the Niagara Therapy CVT medical devices that have been used on humans for both injuries and mobility since 1949. The equipment is used in hospitals, clinics and sports clubs. It’s also built into furniture for home use.

Through ongoing research conducted in hospitals, universities and research institutions, this form of treatment has been proven to be totally non-aggressive and drug free.

Accell Therapy provides a simple and effective, reliable and repeatable therapy that can enhance the healing recovery in all animals in many areas including… Post operative, through increased healing and reduced recovery times. Trauma/ accident patients, to reduce inflammation, bruising and contusions. As a behavioral tool, to reduce separation anxiety and in behavioral training.


  • Repeatable, reliable clinically proven results every time.

  • Cycloid Vibration Therapy is unique and has been helping people and animals worldwide since 1949.

  • Increases circulation. Assists healing (sprains, tendons, surgical applications).

  • Therapy travels through 4ft of bone and 2ft of tissue at a cellular level.

  • 50 times less aggressive than other vibration therapy (28 m per second squared) non aggressive/no tissue damage.

  • Small amplitude invokes very high motor-muscle response (without stress to muscle).

  • Increases nerve muscle communication- relaxes muscles, reduces muscle spasms, twitching etc.

  • Alternative income stream into surgery via post operative and physical therapy options.

  • Much less expensive to install and more versatile than hydrotherapy pool and walkers.

  • Much less space required.

  • Allows for healing and physical therapy treatment to start immediately after surgery.

  • Can start immediately as an alternative to ‘range of movement’ treatment, reducing post op trauma, inflammation and soreness developing.

  • Offers alternative to Cold Therapy, more comfortable for patient.

  • Reduces recovery time.

  • Less impact on patient, gentler therapy.

  • Increases joint mobility- geriatric clients, hip displaysia.

  • Deeper penetration than traditional therapy, penetrates to cellular level for better results.