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Why do I need to attend a Come & Try?

Daycare can be a sensory overload for new pooches. To ensure a safe, smooth transition to the daycare environment, a free 2hour Come & Try session is required so we can evaluate if your playful pooch is happy here.

Does my pooch need to be desexed?


From 12 calendar months old all pooches must be desexed in order to play and socialise at daycare.

When can puppies start daycare?

We accept puppies from 4 calendar months of age with full vaccinations.

Why are there no intakes after 12pm?

Our playful pooches enjoy a fun and engaging day at The Playful Pooch. By lunch time they are settled in and getting sleepy. We don't introduce new dogs after this time as it can disrupt the settled pooches.

Do you board animals?


We are a daycare and grooming facility, open weekdays

(except public holidays).

Does my pooch need vaccinations?


All pooches must provide us proof of their up to date vaccination. Vaccinations and other documents can be uploaded to your Customer Portal directly by you.

Vaccinations need to be updated yearly.

How do I book?

Current Customers:

Click the 'bookings' button at the top of our website and log in to your Customer Portal if you have already signed up.

New to The Playful Pooch?

As above, but register as a new customer in the log in section. 

How does a Come & Try work?

Request your come & try online

(don't forget your up to date vaccinations, and sign our Terms & Conditions).

When arriving at The Playful Pooch we will check that we have all your and your pooches details, and ask you to wait while we clear a play area for your visit.

We will then introduce you to our pooch play area, where you, your pooch, and one of our friendly staff will begin your visit before introducing other dogs.

Do you offer Work Experience?


Please email us with your preferred placement dates, the details of your registered training facility, and the facilitie's required paperwork.

We will be in touch regarding opportunities.

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