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  • All new pooches must attend a free, 2 hour Come & Try session before other bookings can be made.

  • On arrival, we will ask you to wait while we clear a space in our play area for you and your pooch, and double check that we have all your details correct on file.

  • We then bring you into the play area with yourself (or your nominated contact), your pooch, and one of our friendly staff members only.

  • The staff member will slowly introduce other playful pooches, and, when they are happy that your pooch is happy, you can head off and come back at the end of your booking.

  • At pick up our staff will give you a run down of how your playful pooch went, and what bookings they are ready for next.

  • Come & Try sessions run weekdays (except public holidays). Sessions are 10am - 12pm / 11am - 1pm / 12pm - 2pm. Bookings can be requested through our website.

    • Click the "Bookings" button and follow the prompts to set up a profile and request your booking. (Come & Try's are booked as an 'Appointment.'

    • All pooches need to have current vaccination certificates uploaded to their portal, then approved by us before attending.

    • All clients must sign our Terms & Conditions before attending.


Let your best friend make new friends


Puppies are accepted from 4 calendar months old with current vaccinations

Large outdoor and indoor play areas. Separate rest areas.

Different areas for small dogs and playful puppies.

Come and Try's are a stand alone booking and cannot be booked with a groom package or individual service.

Come and Try sessions are completely FREE!

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