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The Playful Way

  • We provide physical activity, exercise and stimulation-especially important for young and high energy dogs.

  • Daycare can help curb behavioral problems such as chewing, digging and jumping.

  • We provide various play sections for increased safety and quality.

  • Our play areas are always staffed by our well trained and experienced Pet Care Technicians.

  • Our staff provide continual social interaction & evaluation to ensure a safe & positive experience for your dog and others.

  • Dogs are happier and healthier when they’re actively engaged and exercised.

  • Daycare can build confidence in many dogs that are timid or fearful. After a Come & Try, our 1 or 2 hour play sessions are helpful for confidence building.

  • Our loving staff form strong bonds with our pooches – We know their best friends at daycare, what food they like, and if they are more reserved or the life of the party.

  • We will inform you right away if there is a medical issue or if your pooch isn't their usual self.

  • We give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in a safe, fun environment!

All new playful pooch's need to attend a FREE 2 hour Come and Try

before other bookings can commence.

(Click the 'come and try' tab at the top of the page for more details)



Puppies are accepted from 4 calendar months old with current vaccinations

Pet Taxi Service

  • We offer pick up and drop off services within 10km of our location.

  • Taxi service runs weekdays (subject to availability, except public holidays) with pick up from 9am.

  • Service is booked as an 'extra' when making your daycare booking.

  • We do not offer Pet Taxi for Come & Try Sessions.

Extra Care Package

Some pooches need to build up their daycare confidence. After your Come and Try, if your dog needs a little more attention, we can book you in for our Extra Care Package.​

One on one care.

Small social group play.

Confidence building activities.

After play report and recommendations.

1-3 hour play @ $30.00 per hour.


Your pooch …  

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